The Levigliese Park is located in the heart of the Garfagnana, surrounded by the splendid backdrop of the Apuan Alps and spread along a stretch of the Leventina Torrent. The Park's characteristic is to have made it accessible to the public, but also to have created sport and adventure activities, an area completely immersed in the green without modifying in any way the nature itself and indeed taking advantage of the natural features that the environment offers.

    The park provides the opportunity to perform different activities depending on whether you want to spend a day of relaxation, culture or adrenaline.

    Torrentismo Canyoning
    Sport climbing
    Canoeing on the Lake
    Visit Botany in the Park
    Trekking Orienteering
    Night Trekking
    Survival experience
    Provincial Road 39, 5020 Vergemoli LU

    All Indiana Jones become the participants in this aerial journey through the trees. Also new for the summer season is the new summer bobsleigh track that will wind around the Viandante refuge. It also offers the tourist various opportunities such as trekking, paragliding, mountain biking, horse riding, orienteering and fishing.

    Via dei Cacciatori, 6
    Loc. Doganaccia
    51024, Cutigliano
    +39 0573 629391, +39 333 5392487

    Doganaccia Adventure Park 2000

    The Levigliese park

    Parco di Pinocchio and the garden of Villa Garzoni

    In the same area of the Pinocchio Park there is also this elegant and refined park of the '700, and the Butterfly House, inhabited by many butterflies coming from tropical or equatorial areas!

    Collodi Butterfly House

    Piazza della Vittoria

    3 I-51012 Collodi (PT)

    Tel. +39 0572 427314

    Butterfly House and the garden of Villa Garzoni

    Inspired by the book The Adventures of Pinocchio, this park reproduces salient moments of the story. Even the great ones will be happily impressed by this atmosphere and for a few hours they will have the pleasure of returning a little child! For children under 12, it will be fun to try the new adventure park where they will have the chance to cross the river on a Tibetan bridge!

    Via di S. Gennaro
    3 I-51012 Collodi (PT)
    Tel. +39 0572 429342

    Zoo - Pistoia

    If you love animals or if you want to make your children happy, organize a day at the Pistoia Zoo. An immense green space, home to 65 mammals, 40 birds and 30 reptiles, awaits you. There are many species hosted in this garden: from giraffes to jaguars, from bears to pythons. Fun and engaging initiatives, which you can participate in, are included in the events calendar by the staff: do not lose sight of it! In addition to visiting the Zoological Garden you can take part in the Biodiversity Laboratory, the Nature Photography and Animal Biology Workshop and educational activities with your child who, having fun, will learn many things about the animal and environmental world.

    Via Pieva a Celle Pistoia
    Tel. +39.0573.911219

    Tuscany offers the ideal setting for cycling enthusiasts of all levels, from the amateur cyclist to the tourist cycle who simply wants to pedal calmly enjoying the beauties of the region. You can choose many types of itineraries for your adventures on two wheels. On the road, for lovers of racing bikes or on mountain bikes for those who prefer to get away from traffic and immerse them in nature. In every Tuscan location you will find routes rich in places of interest and breathtaking views. The territory of Tuscany is mainly hilly. The plains are concentrated on the coast and along the rivers. For the passionate cyclist, this means challenging yourself on ups and downs on which cycling legends have been trained such as Bartali, Cipollini and Bettini.

    A corner of natural paradise. The thousand-year-old grotto, marvelous and intact, enclosed in the carbonate rocks extends for over two hundred meters in the subsoil. At the bottom of the cavity lies a crystalline mirror of warm thermal waters, which give off a beneficial and therapeutic vapor. Here you can see a unique show in Italy.
    The spectacular outdoor thermal pool, a high-tech technological plant with a 750-square-meter water mirror, offers a spectacular waterfall and underwater hydro-massages with thermal water at 35 ° C, permanently fed by bicarbonate thermal water, sulphate, calcium, magnesia at 35 ° C.
    Immerse yourself in the warm and refreshing waters of the large pool, be pampered by the innovative whirlpools of the four "snails", or simply indulge in the natural massage of the scenic waterfall.

    Grotta Giusti

    Entering the Asmana world is like opening the door to feeling good. An oasis of peace immersed in the Tuscan countryside. This is a place where the world of water merges with that of saunas and where, thanks to beauty treatments and sensory ceremonies, body and mind will be gently regenerated and restored to their natural balance. The pleasure of a cocktail sipped in the pool bar or the possibility of indulging even the pleasures of the palate make the Asmana world the ideal space in which to find one's psychophysical balance.
    A charming environment, where you can spend a few hours or the whole day, but not only ... in the light of the moon and the sound of the Tibetan bells, the pools become an enchanted place and the vapors of the saunas blend with the colors of the night.

    Cycling in Tuscany

    Wellness Asmana

    If you have little time available for a walking tour through the historic city center, the main places not to be missed are:

    • Cathedral of San Zeno (and Campanile)
    • Baptistery
    • Ospedale del Ceppo and Pistoia Sotterranea (Underground)
    • Piazza della Sala
    • Marino Marini Museum

    Sotterraneo (Underground) Pistoia. Underground Pistoia. A secret passage, a walk that not everyone knows, an excursion that I highly recommend you do when you are in the area. To understand a city & agrave; we must go back over the years and study its origins. The Museo Pistoia Sotterranea begins with a visit to the most anatomical amphitheater; small in the world. Here once, ten students attended medicine and surgery classes (lower than the doctor's degree) analyzing a body, placed in the center of the room, with their professor.

    Discovering the unusual places of Pistoia

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